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Biblical Video Publications [BVP] is a ministry dedicated to the production and publication of animated gospel cartoon tracts based on the story lines of gospel tracts written by Jack Chick and published by Chick Publications


BVP is a non-profit ministry of Bible Believers Baptist Church in Corpus Christi, Texas.   BVP receives tax deductible donations from contributors and uses these funds to produce gospel videos.  These videos can be viewed for free on this website by simply clicking on one of the thumbnails below.  DVD’s of the videos may be purchased from Chick Publications and freely duplicated and distributed as animated gospel tracts. 


Contact us for more information or for instructions on how to place any of these videos on your website. 


Donations by check may be mailed to us at our mailing address or you may donate by credit card by simply clicking on the donate link above. 

New Tract - Creator or Liar

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The videos Tiny Shoes and The Sissy were produced by Littleshots Productions in Lakeland, Florida. Click on the thumbnail pictures below to view them. Littleshots is currently producing Creator or Liar.  For the status on this video please click on the link New Tract – Creator or Liar above.



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